Freak Clubs

There are various types of clubs in this world and today we wish to speak just about those clubs. One of the clubs we were a member of was a club where we had to regularly meet and discuss about road safety mechanisms. It was called the Road Safety Club. Another club meeting that used to take place in my town was Rotary club, the members used to help around with organisations of various events and meetings around the city.

We are also seeing how health is being taken seriously and so now we have fitness freak clubs cropping all over the country and the job of this club is to make people aware of the importance of fitness and make them join a gym or start doing fitness stuff right at home. A fitness freak club was right at our doorstep and also came to us to make us join but I am a person who has a gym at my own home and go there regularly to keep myself fit and fine.

The Games Club is another one that I came across recently. This game club was different, it was not called the same. It was a club about an online pool game thing, I think it was called 8 ball pool hack club. ThisĀ  was a club that had many members and all of them were working on some kind of a hack to beat the game called 8 ball pool. They have had a lot of successes in the past where in they were able to hack the game and enjoy unlimited resources in the game. But they said that this was an ongoing tussle with the game developers. They would develop a hack that would work but soon the game developers would bring about a new patch that could stop the hack from working, so they had to keep working on it and find a loop hole to get into the system and hack.

We were more interested in the club than the hacking method so we never got into much detail and we moved on to other games club. There was a clash of clans club where all the players locally got together once a week to have a drink. All clash of clans or even the ex players would meet regularly to have some fun and they used to discuss different strategies etc with respect to the game and also to discuss new games on the market that they must have tried before so others can know about it.

Overall our findings were very interesting, there is no limit to the number of clubs and thus there are many and each city or each country has it’s own set of clubs that are going on.